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Unbeatable engagement
backed by a unified force.

Win and retain

Show up the competition with tools that today's employers want - and employees actually need.

Ease strain

Help ease strain on your team by equipping them with an easy-to-deploy benefits navigation solution.

Control costs

Employees make better decisions when they're equipped with the right tools, at the right time.

A new standard in
member experience.

The right technology to compete

An app for the sake of an app isn't sustainable. Launch a centralized health benefits hub for a cohesive navigation experience, regardless of the number of third-party providers.

The best-in-class engagement

High-touch member support? Get your team some relief and maximize your bandwidth with an easy-to-deploy navigation solution.

We'll handle the heavy lifting to help you increase client loyalty and deploy technology that gets the modern employee using those vital plan services.

Clients that stay and slay

84% of employers have inquired about benefits navigation platforms in the last year. Keep your clients loyal by providing a unified entry point for plan information, digital tools, and live Care Guide support.

Maria's story.

Medical Help Needed

1:45 PM
Maria received a push notification with an incentive to get a skin cancer screening.
1:46 PM
Maria responded to the push notification, connecting with a Medefy Care Guide within seconds.
1:55 PM
Maria's Care Guide set her up with an appointment at a nearby facility within the TPA's preferred provider network.

Member Experience

Stage II melanoma was discovered, Maria wouldn't have known without the Medefy-prompted screening

Major surgery avoided, localized removal

Maria paid $0

TPA Experience

No burden on TPA Customer Service

TPA preferred provided network was used

Inpatient surgery
claim avoided

TPA Case Study

Carl, TPA Executive

We do it all, but we needed technology that brought all of our strengths to the forefront.

Krista, Medefy

We armed Carl with an intuitive, centralized platform that gave him a leg up on competition.

Carl, TPA Executive

I don’t care who we’re up against.
Now, our tools for members stand alone.

See how we helped this TPA partner thrive, and win.