Keep members engaged and educated

The secret to outstanding platform adoption, usage & satisfaction? A multi-channel engagement strategy we run for you!

Continue communications beyond open enrollment!

Great communication, and the awesome employee engagement it can generate, goes well beyond open enrollment! Medefy's timely multi-channel campaigns help build member engagement year-round!

Email Campaigns

For many employers, well designed series of emails can be the fastest way of building employee engagement. Medefy's expertly designed and deployed campaigns build trust and engagement between your employees and the Medefy platform - fast.

Push Notifications

Medefy's unique push message engine has the powerful ability to reach your employees quickly. "Active Engagement" can immediately message groups of employees based on certain criteria and instantly connect them with a Medefy Care Guide for immediate results!

Physical Materials

Some employee bases respond better to traditional materials such as flyers, posters, mailers, and the like. Medefy works with your team to push out attractive, easy-to-understand physical materials to build great engagement with members in familiar ways!

Reach the Spouse!

Did you know that over 85% of family healthcare decisions are made by the female spouse? Medefy has specialized approaches to engage this critical member of the health ecosystem!

Running Campaigns is easy -

You approve, we deploy!

How it all works

Medefy deploys proven, effective materials to your members at regular intervals to drive downloads, usage, savings, and member satisfaction - all you have to do is approve each campaign in advance!

Strong launch

Multi-channel materials grab lots of potential users right off the bat!

Regular touches

Pre-scheduled touch points keep members engaged, educated, and actively using health benefits appropriately

One-off campaign magic

Want do to a custom campaign? Medefy can engage members with custom health-plan related messaging too!

Ready to take your benefits to the next level?

Medefy brings a modern benefits experience to life through one-on-one concierge navigation, strategic outreach, and a digital benefits hub. It's the easiest way to access benefits and save money!

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