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Employers are looking for the next generation of tools to help them engage their members, and they look to their broker for help first!

Give employers and their members what they're asking for!

Did you know 84% of employers have inquired about benefits navigation platforms in the past year? Helping members engage, access benefits, and find high value care is critical to their benefits strategy in 2021!

One stop shop

As a broker, you've helped your employer clients assemble a stellar health plan, but, with so many moving pieces, it can be hard to help members find, and use, those benefits. The Medefy app centralizes all those health benefits in one place, and gives expert guidance for good healthcare decisions through Medefy's text-based 24/7 care guide team, making finding and using those benefits a snap!

Lower claims spend

Meaningful employer health plan savings are possible if you know how to help members change behavior. With Medefy, members choose low cost, high quality care an amazing 94% of the time, driving serious ROI for employer plans nationwide!

Gain new (and loyal!) business

Vital health plan services like telemedicine, direct contract networks, EAP, nearsite/onsite clinics, and others are ususally drastically underutilized. Medefy rapidly increases usage of these services by centralizing them in the app, making them easily accessible to members everywhere!

Increase 3rd party vendor usage

The health plan you've assembled has some great pieces, but are they all getting used by members enough? Medefy can increase vital usage of 3rd party plan services like EAPs, narrow networks, telemedicine, incentives, and more, by over 100%!

Care Guides are Great!!

The chat with a care guide is so awesome! The workers are so nice and made finding a doctor super easy! They did all the work and even called to follow up at the office for me to get an appointment. They were very caring and worked quickly to get me scheduled. After my appointment they followed up with me to see that I was taken care of.

- App User

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Medefy brings a modern benefits experience to life through one-on-one concierge navigation, strategic outreach, and a digital benefits hub. It's the easiest way to access benefits and save money!

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