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Clients don't shop results.

Clarify care options

Show them how their rich health benefits plan can reach peak performance without adding barriers of complexity.

Increase engagement

Give them turnkey implementation and navigation support that's in-step and on-point for every employee and covered dependent.

Control costs

Help them reduce spend by narrowing the education gap that drives up expenses by empowering their members.

A high-impact member experience for employers and their teams.

Clarity with centralized
benefits navigation

Launch and layer high-performance plan strategies that keep things simple - for them and their people. With Medefy, plan members get a one-stop-shop for all things benefits.

Claims spend mitigation

With Medefy, steerage to preferred providers and facilities results in high-quality, low-cost care choices 94% of the time. We see 65%-75% plan utilization improvement on average.

Tangible results for clients

Show verifiable expertise when their plan members easily embrace plan strategies you and your clients have put in place. Because who doesn't want to build their business while helping their clients do the same?

Unfair advantage? Maybe you're just that good.

Julie's story.

Medical Help Needed

9:10 AM
Julie was referred to a hospital for gall bladder surgery. The hospital quoted $13,000. A $3,000 cost to Julie, and a $10,000 cost to the plan.
9:15 AM
Julie messaged Medefy.
9:16 AM
A Medefy Care Guide connected Julie to a high-value facility with a pre-negotiated price through a direct contract with her employer.
10:35 AM
Julie was scheduled for surgery with the same surgeon, $0 out of pocket expense.

Member Experience

Response in less than

Julie saved $3,000

Discovered the previously unused direct contract network within her benefit plan

Julie paid $0

Employer Experience

No burden on HR

Direct contracting strategy utilized

Employer saved $4,800

Advisor Case Study

Elise, Benefits Advisor

Diabetes management became very important to my client, we needed plan members to embrace the initiative.

Elise, Benefits Advisor

It took off like wild fire, no joke.

See how we helped Elise and her client put their strategy to work.